• The spirit of an academy must be maintained, regulated, and enforced by those who train there. The bonds of camaraderie at Gracie North require mutual respect, trust, and understanding. Please be a positive light.

  • Our belts are given in martial arts tradition, individually awarded during class by an academy professor. Proficiency and skill come as a result of earnest, committed effort combined with an understanding and application of our techniques.

  • Do not abuse the knowledge learned from martial arts training.  Practice respect and discipline, without it, martial arts can be dangerous.


  • ‘Leave your ego at the door’
  • Enjoy yourself. Jiu-Jitsu is life long practice.
  • Know your limits and test your limits.
  • When training and sparring, use your intuition, communicate with your partner, know when to rest.
  • If you sustain an injury notify an instructor immediately.
  • Practice good hygiene.


  • Gracie North has no tolerance for harassment and abuse.
  • No food, drinks or electronics on mat area.
  • Shoes must be worn outside the mat area at all times.
  • As a sign of respect, if you arrive late, wait at the entry of the mat area until the Professor invites you to join.
  • Please no coaching or distracting other students during class.


  • Maintain good personal hygiene. Jiu-Jitsu is a close contact sport.
  • Always report any minor injury, health, or skin condition.
  • Please remove jewelry and keep fingernails short.
  • Gracie North is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Write your name inside your gi.
  • Jiu-Jitsu | Clean white gi, t-shirt | Gi’s available for rental
  • Functional Movement Classes | Athletic attire, no-gi, rash guard, knee pads